Another year, another way

of celebrating diversity!

The Belgian LGBTQ community is often an overlooked target group in marketing terms, but… not always. As an open brand ourselves, Pink Brand of the Year wants to encourage interaction of the Belgian marketers with this community, and to explore its potential. That’s why Pink Brand of the Year will raise awareness and reward the initiatives brands undertake to address the LGBTQ community.

On June 7 2017, Pink Brand of the Year invites brands, ambassadors and pioneers to celebrate this year’s best initiatives during an amazing night out at Cargo Club (Red&Blue). Information coming soon!

How does it work?


Become a Pink Brand of the Year 2017! 

This year we will crown Pink Brands in 3 categories.

Do you represent a brand that actively shows and communicates to the LGBTQ community in their advertisement? Do you act as an ambassador for diversity? Or do you just want to see your company’s open mindset rewarded? Awesome!

What’s in it for you?

Besides acknowledging your positive mindset, we not only give you a lot of exposure throughout our and our partners’ online media channels. We will also put your brand in full spotlight on our Pink Brand of the Year Awards.

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